Incinerator & Thermal Oxidizer Brochures

ProFlame+ SRU Flame Scanner Model ZPF-1200SRU

ProFlame+ SRU Scanner is specifically designed to provide reliable flame detection and superior background flame discrimination in SRUs.

Combustion Equipment

The Sulfur Recovery Unit (SRU) is often referred to as the Claus Process. This process recovers elemental sulfur from petroleum and natural gas refining processes and reduces the hazardous sulfur emissions to limits permitted by national and local air quality requirements. Zeeco supplies all of the combustion equipment used in the Claus process, including high intensity style burners, reaction furnaces, inline heaters/reducing gas generators, tail gas incinerators, and waste heat boilers.


As the global authority in thermal oxidizer solutions, Zeeco is the company to trust for Downfired Salt Thermal Oxidation Systems. Our engineers have decades of experience in designing these systems for petrochemical plants around the globe, helping our clients to destroy salt based wastes efficiently and effectively. Zeeco’s highly experienced engineering group goes above and beyond client expectations with each and every Downfired Salt system.

Burner Management Systems

Zeeco has manufactured reliable, technically advanced control systems for the combustion industry for 30 years. We utilize a wide variety of industry-standard components to meet customer specifications from around the world, including PLC’s, HMI’s, complex relay logic, transmitters for all measurements and many more optional instruments.


Zeeco’s experienced engineering team goes the extra mile with each and every Direct Fired Air Heater. Our Combustion Research and Test Facility was the first in the world to become ISO 9001-2000 certified, and our staff strives to stay ahead of rapidly changing emission requirements. With 15 full-scale combustion test furnaces, Zeeco is capable of testing a wide variety of combustion systems under simulated field conditions.

Thermal Oxidizer

Thermally treating waste matter is a primary method for disposing hazardous and non-hazardous materials worldwide—it’s safe and effective. Zeeco offers a complete line of vapor and liquid incinerators (also known as thermal oxidizers) to dispose of waste streams such as tail gas, acid gas, chlorinated hydrocarbons, and other waste gases and liquids. In addition, multiple waste heat recovery options can make incineration an economical and energy efficient waste disposal process.

Thermal Oxidizers

Zeeco is a world leader in thermal oxidizer solutions. For decades, our engineers have custom designed thermal oxidizers for gas processing facilities, petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, carbon fiber manufacturers, and electronics companies. Zeeco can supply a thermal oxidizer for any gas plant application, including amine treater acid gas, glycol dehydration (BTEX) off gas, and sulfur recovery unit (SRU) tail gas.


As a worldwide leader in thermal oxidizer solutions, ZEECO® is the company to trust for your CO Boiler application. Our engineers have decades of experience in designing these systems for petroleum refineries around the globe. We are a supplier of CO Boilers for all of the world’s major Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) process licensors.


Zeeco’s AR/GS HEI System can be installed in new or existing applications and is available in multiple sizes up to 2 MMBtu/hr. Our high energy spark tip is suitable for vessel operating pressures up to 90 psig and can be used in both oxidizing and reducing service. A design-specific flammability chart is supplied with each pilot to ensure field personnel can set the appropriate fuel gas and compressed air ratios, resulting in a consistent and dependable pilot light-off.

PACKAGED THERMAL OXIDIZERS Gas Processing Applications

Our knowledge and experience infused into the world’s largest and most advanced thermal oxidizer systems is found in our smaller, skidmounted designs, too. Zeeco’s horizontal or vertical standardized thermal oxidizer systems can handle all BTEX emissions, glycol vent gas and/or amine stripper acid gas streams with a greater than 99.9% destruction efficiency.

Thermal Oxidizers

Zeeco is the world leader in ultra low-NOx combustion solutions. For decades, our engineers have custom designed Nitrogen Bearing Waste Thermal Oxidizers for petrochemical plants, petroleum refineries, carbon fiber manufacturers, and electronics companies. At this very moment, our combustion systems are eliminating hazardous waste and minimizing environmental emissions in all corners of the globe.


Halogen-based wastes are an unavoidable reality of the petrochemical and plastics industries. You want them to be treated and eliminated efficiently and effectively as possible. As a global authority in thermal oxidizer and incineration solutions, Zeeco is uniquely positioned to help you destroy halogenated hydrocarbons – quickly, smoothly and cost-effectively.

Best Available Technology

Our focus on the whole combustion process is what makes Zeeco a leader in retrofitting or equipping ethylene cracking furnaces with the latest low, ultra-low and next generation emissions burner technology. Zeeco utilizes the patented Free-Jet mixing technology or internal flue gas recirculation (IFGR), providing the lowest NOx emissions available.