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Sulfur Tail Gas Incinerator

Sulfur-Bearing Waste Incineration Systems typically treat the “tail gases” produced during the sulfur recovery process in a petroleum refinery or natural gas plant. Zeeco has a track record of producing the world’s largest sulfur tail gas incinerators. Zeeco’s experience with sulfur tail gas incinerators includes systems ranging in size from 1.0 MMBtu/hr (0.25 MMKcal/hr) to more than 500 MMBtu/hr (125 MMkcal/hr). The combustion chamber can range in size from 4.0' (1.0m) to 25' (7.6m) diameter.

Zeeco achieves high destruction efficiencies (DRE) during the sulfur recovery process by optimizing the following parameters for each specific process scenario:


  • Maintaining a minimum residence time between 0.7-2.0 seconds


  • Designing the equipment to operate at a temperature that is significantly higher than the auto-ignition temperature of the sulfur compounds in the waste stream (~700°F or 370°C). Zeeco’s Sulfur-Bearing Incineration Systems typically operates at temperatures between 1200-1650°F (650-900°C)


  • Ensuring that waste gas is introduced in a manner that results in a homogenous fully reacted effluent